Introducing a new way to collaborate
on your language data

Open up your data to others while maintaining complete control as to how it is edited.
Engage a wider audience: researchers, teammates, native speakers. It's up to you.

Sync with FLEx

Collaborate on Language Forge then sync those changes back into Fieldworks Language Explorer (FLEx). Make further refinements in FLEx and then Send/Receive those back to Language Forge

User Roles and Permissions

Assign each member of your project a role: observer, commenter, or collaborator. Customize what other members see down to the field level.

Access Anywhere

Language Forge is built on web-technology, so it's available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

Engage Others while
Retaining Control

The commenting feature on Language Forge lets users comment on and suggest changes to individual fields in the dictionary. As a manager you can review each comment and take action, resolve the comment or mark it as TODO for later.

Help Improve Language Forge

You can help us by reporting bugs you find on Github (account required) and suggesting features on our User Voice page. Ask questions from our community of users on our Google Groups forum.

Real-Time Collaboration

Members of the project will see entries updated as it happens by others in the same project. Language Forge has dozens of additional features including LIFT import, custom field support, right-to-left script support, and support for many FLEx fields.

See For Yourself